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Divine Contribution

Something about us from a little bit of different perspective

Many kind of physical and psychological disorders have gripped today’s life due to hopelessness and frustration. I came across number of families, friends, community leaders, parents, teachers, neighbors of those people who committed suicide or required urgent attention for depression. They all wonder if they could do something to prevent that young / old person from turning to self damaging mode. I, along with my professional friends provide free classes and counseling to enhance spiritual strength of people. We provide simple exercise tools, meditation yoga classes, spiritual chanting etc. to activate their spirit and connection to divine from within to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. Our all services of positivity are free of cost and open to all.

We spend money on hiring of halls, sound systems, feedback literature etc. on regular basis. We further provide some more items to the needy. We run solely on collection among ourselves and contributions from well-wishers. But sometimes we run short of money, so I request you to kindly contribute. We want to do more and you can help by committing a small fraction of your income to strengthen our society.