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Indian PM Modi and US President Donald Trump

  • 11 Feb

    Indian PM Modi and US President Donald Trump

    Will Modi and US President Donald Trump be able to end terrorism from the world? 

    Know Astrology, Planet, Numerology and Nakshtra Analysis

    The infamous terrorist gang Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) world

    The most dangerous terrorist organization is going to be formed. The way the fighter gets the torture

    Seeing that he is slaying him, it can be judged that the cases of cruelty

    The IS has crossed all limits. The fear of this organization is only in Iraq and Syria.

    Together they are now becoming a threat to the world, so now they are destroyed.

    To make the world united should be.

    It is said that the formation of ISIS by combining several other Islamic terrorist groups

    It was in 2013, but after refusing the merger groups

    ISIS independently on June 29, 2014 at 19:35 pm local time

    In the Mosul city of Abu Bakr-al-Baghdadi declared "Caliph" of the Muslim world.

    This time it should be considered as the birth date of ISIS.

    At this time Sagittarius gets married. Lonesh guru high in the eighth house with moon

    Is seated with The owner of Pancham and Dashash Bhawan is sitting in Mangal Karmasthan, which means, in tenth house,

    From which it has become synonymous with explosive terror. The special thing is that in the picture of Mars Chitra

    It is the same constellation of Mars. The lord of arrogance and valor of power will remain in Shani's place.

    Is seated with The seventh sight of Saturn-Rahu is falling on the fifth house. In seventh house

    Located on the Navmaan Suryan and Saptamesh and Dashmesh Mercury are visually appearing on the wedding. In tenth house

    The seventh sight of sitting in Mars is falling at the fourth house, which in the movement and revolutionary form

    Indicates being active, as well as internal anarchy. Fourth of mars

    The sight is falling on the wedding, so this organization is raging, as well as the Sun and Mercury on wedding

    It is sight, due to the sun, the strength of this organization is increasing and Mercury is arbitrarily

    Is also motivating and providing technical skills. Getting married in the eighth month

    Covert assistance and archaeologists also get easily. Overall Mars

    Because the IS is becoming more powerful and Saturn, on the Ketu located in the fifth house

    And due to the sight of Mars, the situation has become very frightening, because terror is its philosophy

    And its thinking has become. The most relieved thing is that the moon's horoscope

    Is suffering One is the eighth moon, the other is the sight of Saturn, for these two reasons,

    Have been hunting. It is not a long running organization. Even if it is too much

    It's working in a destructive way, but it will soon get the final speed.

    Signals also started to arrive, when Russia started attacking on its own alone

    Gave. Now America, Britain, France and other countries have also got full support and

    With collective efforts, efforts to end this Islamic terrorist group have accelerated.

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