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Financial Astrology

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If you are facing problems in making profits from stock market, Ashok Acharya will provide you with solution on the basis of astrological predictions. You might have tried fundamental and technical analysis of stock market but fails several times.

Financial Astrology by Ashok Acharya

Ashok Acharya is successfully working in the field of stock market astrology since many years and our accuracy rate is 90%. We search the companies incorporate dates and prepare their charts and then apply the planetary transit to get the results. We have done all the hard work to successfully implement few astrological rules to predict the market trends. These rules can help investors or traders to enter or exit at the different levels in the stock market.

We suggest from time to time about the various stocks for both long term and intraday trends, so that you can maximize your profits and minimize your losses. We don’t recommend daily trades but at the same time also recommend you less and profitable trades.

Now, give a chance to astrology as the astrological predictions about the share market based on astrological principals. We don’t use any technical or fundamental charts to analyze the market trends.

We strongly advise delivery based recommendations from time to time so that you can make consistent profits from both bullish and bearish markets. We recommend to all the visitors not to invest money in the stock market until they have some positive indications to gain through stock market from their own horoscopes. We strongly recommend that you should get the birth chart or horoscope analyzed before making investment in the stock market. It has been researched that people not having positive indications of gains from share market in their horoscopes used to book huge losses from the market even if they make accurate predictions as they may choose wrong stocks at wrong time.

We know the importance of NSE and BSE and how these bodies affect the stock market. It is therefore we can predict how much market will go up or move down on the basis of the placement of stars. We can also predict about the commodities such as Gold, Silver, Crude oil etc.