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Zodiac Leo

Something about us from a little bit of different perspective

Zodiac Leo

“Simhastu shailey hridayapradesha prajapate panchamamaahuradya Tasyatabidurgaguhavanadri bahyavanibhumivanapradesha”

The old scholars say that the lion like Simha ( Leo ) Rashi lives in mountains and represents the hearts of Kaal Purusha (Ursha major). Forests, forts, caves, mountains are considered to be its residence. The fifth sign in the Rashichakra, Simha ( Leo ) rashi behave every inch the royals. They are the kings of the zodiac and there is nothing modest about them.

When you think of Leo, think of royalty – then you’ll get the idea of what the Leo character is all about and why Leos are the way they are. It is true that, for various reasons, some Leo-born do not always express this quality – but even if not they should like to do so.

All about Leo July 23 – August 22

Leo Description
01. Sign No. 5
02. English Name Leo
03. Sanskrit Name Simha
04. Meaning of Sanskrit Name The Lion
05. Type Fire
06. Lord Earth
  • Signs of greatest overall compatibility:Aries, Sagittarius
  • Signs of greatest overall incompatibility:Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Signs most helpful in spiritual matters:Aries, Cancer
  • Sign most helpful for emotional support:Scorpio
  • Sign best for marriage and/ or partnership:Aquarius
  • Sign most helpful for creative projects:Sagittarius
  • Best Sign to have fun with:Sagittarius

More About Leo

Planets for Leo
  • Career Planet is Venus.
  • Love planet is Mercury.
  • Money Planet is Uranus.
  • Planet of health and work is Saturn.
  • Planet of Home and Family Life is Pluto.
Colors for Leo
  • Orange, Gold, Red are the colors for people with Zodiac sign Leo.
Lucky Numbers
  • 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22 are the lucky numbers.
Best Day
  • Best day in a week for Taurus people is Sunday.
Lucky Stones
  • Sardonynx, Diamond, Amber, Rubyis consider for Leo.
Lucky Talisman
  • Heart and the Ladybird in Metal Gold is lucky talisman for Leo.
Famous Personalities 7
  • Vijayalakshmi Pandit, Neil Armstrong, V.V. Giri, J.R.D.Tata, P.B.Shelly.
Leo Strength Keywords
  • Confident, Ambitious, Generous, Loyal, Encouraging

Leo and Independence

Leo is very independent but they need something to control and someone to admire them and appreciate them. They are fully capable of being greatly successful on their own but they are much happier if they have an audience and a following of people who look up to them. They would prefer not be alone.

Leo and Business

Business dealings are easy and successful for Leo, if they are in command and control. This can cause conflict in the workplace should the Leo not be in a position of superiority, but they usually get there eventually thanks to their powerful drive to succeed, in other words, they are excellent leaders because this is their kingdom they have to control, and they do it well. Leo has an amazing ability to get along with people and they work best in a group as opposed to alone. They can be very diplomatic in a group setting and can delegate people well, however Leo will not take orders. They need to give orders but with their enthusiasm and cheerfulness, other people do not have a problem taking orders from a Leo because they are never condescending and they treat others with respect and equality. Leos are full of drama, flair and extravagance and this reflects in the business world. They make an impact, they make a difference in the workplace and help to keep the parts moving in sync and iron out any problems before they arise. If the business fails, that means that Leo fails and they are extremely determined not to fail. Leo is the most extravagant sender of all astrology signs. They will not over do it but they will surround themselves with luxury as much as possible. They will never settle for second best.

Leo and their Temperament

Leo loves the new and extraordinary, they despise dull, regular routines and if this is what they are faced with, they will simply create their own drama and excitement. This makes Leo prone to stir up a situation out of nowhere just for something to keep their vivacious temperament satisfied. Leo has an amazing ability to bounce back from any feelings of despair or unfortunate events. They do not like to be unhappy, it hurts their pride so they will take matters into their own hands and make things right again. Leos could come into conflict with other powerhouse type of people who will not take orders and not give an inch, Leos will not budge their opinion, they will understand and accept opinions of others but they do not take well to people to try to impose their beliefs on them. Leo most often have the temperament of a demanding, spoiled child but this is only shown if someone steps on the boundaries of their kingdom. They react this way because of their territoriality.

Leo as a Friend

You are a mighty good friend. You do not ditch people. You are very warm-hearted and sincere in your friendships. Blessed is the person who has a Leo friend.

Leo as a Father

Leo is the sign of father and you are the epitome of fatherhood expressing your love to your children. You are a kind, loving, loyal and a splendid father in many ways. You are enthusiastic and always have a childlike quality. You have high expectations from your children. Avoid being too dogmatic with your children and also be careful not rule their lives.

Leo as a Mother

Leo mother will have the same qualities as the father’s attitudes towards her children. You will manage the boys better than the girls. You will also organize the children’s life to the fullest with out-door activities. Your enthusiasm for motherhood will grow as you become used to the role.